Posizionatore di saldatura della piattaforma girevole 1000KG per la rotativa di saldatura del pezzo in lavorazione del tubo

Informazioni di base
Luogo di origine: Il PRC
Marca: Well Leader
Certificazione: CE,ISO
Numero di modello: HB-30
Quantità di ordine minimo: 1 insieme
Prezzo: Negotiable
Imballaggi particolari: caso di legno
Tempi di consegna: 7days
Termini di pagamento: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union
Capacità di alimentazione: 100sets al mese
Informazioni dettagliate
Tipo: Posizionatore della saldatura Capacità: 3000KG
Carico: 3000+kg per l'orizzontale Luogo d'origine: WUXI, CN
Certificato: CE Applicazione: Saldatura della flangia & della metropolitana

300mm Welding Turntable Positioner


1000KG Welding Turntable Positioner

Descrizione di prodotto


1000KG Welding Positioner 0-100 Turntable Timing Positioning for Welding Pipe Workpiece Rotary machine with 300mm chuck

Welding positioner is a device used to drag the workpiece to be welded and move the weld to be welded to the ideal position for welding. Generally speaking, most of the manufacturers producing welding manipulators, roller frames, welding systems and other welding equipment produce welding positioners; most of the manufacturers producing welding robots produce welding positioners matching robots. However, companies with welding positioners as their leading products are very rare. German Severt company, American Aroson company, etc., can be regarded as a typical enterprise producing welding positioner. Germany's CLOOS, Austria's igm, Japan's Matsushita Robotics Co., Ltd., etc., all produce welding positioners with servo control and robots. The following is only an introduction to the displacement model and the first main parameter.


Welding Turntables allow components to be welded in an optimal position improving weld appearance and integrity.

The HB-03-HB100 range of welding turntables are the perfect solution for producing a fast accurate circular weld, ideal for welding pipes, cylinders flanges and tubes etc. They can also accurately and rapidly position the work piece for welding and many other applications.

As standard, the Welding Positioners are supplied with a foot switch to stop and start the rotation. On the front panel there is a switch and a high-low speed range switch for more accurate setting.

The turntable can be positioned to any angle between horizontal and 90 degrees, a hand wheel is fitted at the rear to adjust this angle, a lock off device is fitted to prevent the table being accidentally moved or knocked off angle. The table is machined with 6 slots 90mm x 12mm for mounting jigs or the chuck. The table is also scored every 30mm with a circle to assist in accurate setting up of the job. Under the table is a substantial brass bush arrangement for the welding earth return.


Choosing the right Welding Turntable

For general low precision light applications and where faster welding deposition rates are required hence faster rotation is important the TT600 and TT1000 are ideal turntables for this type of application.

For slow rotation applications such as TIG welding we recommend the hb-10 and hb-30 Welding Turntables, as they are fitted with a double reduction gearbox to enable work at slower speeds and higher torque, therefore the table speed will remain very stable even with a fluctuating load.


Model HB-10 HB-20 HB-30 HB-05
Rated capacity 1000kg 2000kg 3000kg 500kg
Max gravity at rated capacity 300mm 300mm 300mm 250mm
Max eccentric at rated capacity 150mm 200mm 200mm 150mm
Rotate speed(rpm) 0.12-1.2 0.1-1.0 0.05-0.5 0.12-1.2
Tilting speed(rpm) 0.35 0.35 0.35 0.35
Tilt range 0-120° 0-120° 0-120° 0-90°
Rotate motor power 0.55kw 0.75kw 1.1kw 0.4kw
Tilt motor power 0.55kw 0.75kw 1.1kw 0.37kw
Table diameter Φ900mm Φ1100mm Φ1300mm Φ800mm


Posizionatore di saldatura della piattaforma girevole 1000KG per la rotativa di saldatura del pezzo in lavorazione del tubo 0





- Qualified motor “INVERTEK”.
- Oil-free gearbox, easy maintanance and prevent oil leakage.
- Mitsubishi / Schneider Inverter to provide stepless variable speed.
- Siemens / Schneider electical components.
- Remote box with long cables.
- Foot pedal for easy control.
- Optional Wireless remote box.
- Limited switch to prevent over running.
- CE approved.


Supply range:
-Main body
-Control cabinet
-Remote box with 10mtrs cable
-Foot pedal
-Relative documents inc. mechanical drawings, electrical diagram, operation manual, etc.
-Spare parts: pushbuttons, lights, potentiometers.




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