Piattaforma girevole di saldatura rotatoria senza fili del posizionatore di controllo 3000kg

Informazioni di base
Luogo di origine: Il PRC
Marca: Well Leader
Certificazione: CE,ISO
Numero di modello: HB-30
Quantità di ordine minimo: 1 insieme
Prezzo: Negotiable
Imballaggi particolari: caso di legno
Tempi di consegna: 7days
Termini di pagamento: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union
Capacità di alimentazione: 100sets al mese
Informazioni dettagliate
Tipo: Posizionatore della saldatura Capacità: 3000KG
Carico: 3000+kg per l'orizzontale Luogo d'origine: WUXI, CN
Certificato: CE Applicazione: Saldatura della flangia & della metropolitana

3000kg Rotary Welding Positioner Turntable


Wireless Control welding rotary turntable

Descrizione di prodotto


rotary welding positioner turntable for full or partial automation welding processes wireless control

Improve the efficiency of your welding with the aid of a Welding Positioner. With a warranty included, choose Well leader for New or Refurbished welding positioners, and get peace of mind as well as a great deal.

  • Maximum 3,000kg loading capacity
  • Table diameter: 2000mm
  • Rotation speed: 0.05 - 0.5 rpm, rotation power: 3KW
  • Tilting speed: 0.14 rpm, tilting power: 4KW, tilting angle: 0-120°
  • 3 ph. 400V, 50Hz
  • With hand remote control and foot pedal
  • Rotation speed in digital display
  • Load chart and dimensions in pdf attached

Package Includes:

  • 12 month new equipment warranty


Degree of freedom
Involving the user's concept of equipment and equipment, and considering the different uses for handle welding and automatic welding. When selecting and designing a welding positioner, in addition to the main degree of freedom, it is also necessary to increase the auxiliary degree of freedom. Such as welding of large parts, can increase the freedom of lifting movement, such as the United States, Germany, such products are many.
In addition, for certain weldments, due to the simple distribution of the welds, a single degree of freedom of rotation can be used to solve the ship welding requirements for most of the weldments and important welds. The remaining few non-important welds, although, the fillet welding cannot be implemented However, flat fillet welding can be implemented. In this way, in order to simplify the cost of the equipment, a single-degree-of-freedom or function-degraded welding positioner, that is, a single-rotation positioner, is considered in the process. According to the requirements of use, the auxiliary degree of freedom can also be increased. For example, lift type and tailstock moving type and so on.
There are also some position changers. To meet the technological requirements of welding stations, some degrees of freedom of this welding positioner have nothing to do with welding. In consideration of station design and stability, two or more welding positioners are combined for design, so that a variety of station transformation and combined multi-degree of freedom welding positioner products have appeared.


Model HB-10 HB-20 HB-30 HB-05
Rated capacity 1000kg 2000kg 3000kg 500kg
Max gravity at rated capacity 300mm 300mm 300mm 250mm
Max eccentric at rated capacity 150mm 200mm 200mm 150mm
Rotate speed(rpm) 0.12-1.2 0.1-1.0 0.05-0.5 0.12-1.2
Tilting speed(rpm) 0.35 0.35 0.35 0.35
Tilt range 0-120° 0-120° 0-120° 0-90°
Rotate motor power 0.55kw 0.75kw 1.1kw 0.4kw
Tilt motor power 0.55kw 0.75kw 1.1kw 0.37kw
Table diameter Φ900mm Φ1100mm Φ1300mm Φ800mm


Piattaforma girevole di saldatura rotatoria senza fili del posizionatore di controllo 3000kg 0





- Qualified motor “INVERTEK”.
- Oil-free gearbox, easy maintanance and prevent oil leakage.
- Mitsubishi / Schneider Inverter to provide stepless variable speed.
- Siemens / Schneider electical components.
- Remote box with long cables.
- Foot pedal for easy control.
- Optional Wireless remote box.
- Limited switch to prevent over running.
- CE approved.


Supply range:
-Main body
-Control cabinet
-Remote box with 10mtrs cable
-Foot pedal
-Relative documents inc. mechanical drawings, electrical diagram, operation manual, etc.
-Spare parts: pushbuttons, lights, potentiometers.



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